If anything in this policy seems wrong-headed, or if there is something important missing, please contact me. Let’s talk.

Our editorial policy

  1. We will publish anything we find interesting. News, opinions, fiction, poetry, visual art, criticism, ravings, performance… any genre the human experience can produce. Text, images, video, audio… any medium the web can contain.
  2. What do we find interesting? Submissions which…
    … talk about global issues in local terms;
    … talk about local issues in global terms;
    … don’t talk but instead show;
    … are about positive solutions to challenges;
    … point to tangible realistic actions;
    … are funny, offbeat, or unexpected;
    … add to, rather than subtract from, the sum total of human felicity.
  3. What do we find uninteresting? Submissions which…
    … are neither locally-focused nor globally relevant;
    … wallow in doom and gloom for no good reason;
    … are just about how “they” are beating “us” down;
    … have no sense of humour, no grace, and no style;
    … constitute a drag on the good times we could be having.
  4. We hope that this blog will encourage younger and novice writers, artists, and thinkers to try their hand. We are committed to nurturing local talent, so if you know of anyone who has something to say and needs a place to say it, point them in our general direction. Thank you.
  5. Submissions which pass on information previously published, whether as email or on an internet forum or website, must clearly attribute the source of the quoted material. We are not interested in passing along such items without a significant contribution of original criticism, commentary, or reflection.
  6. We reserve the right to edit written submissions for spelling, punctuation, and grammar. If we do so, we will communicate with the author before we publish anything containing our changes. We promise not to tamper with music, poetry, visual art, etc.
  7. We’re sort of concerned about libel and slander, but only to the extent that we don’t want to publish anything that the author wouldn’t say directly to the people or organizations being criticized. We expect all critical comments to be as moderate and respectful as possible, and the burden of proof is on the author to back up all critical statements.
  8. We reserve the right to allow our contributors to browbeat us into publishing their work, even if it goes against the general policy. We’re not total bastards, and there’s no money at stake.
  9. The Slow Coast blog is currently licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.5 Canada License. This means that anyone is free to share or remix anything published here, so long as the source of the work is attributed and the sharing or remixing is not carried out for commercial purposes. Copyright will be held by the author.

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