Calling all commoners!

By Tony Colton

Consider yourself invited!

For a while Meghan and I have been convening with friends over appies and sometimes wine, perhaps once a month. A loose group having in common our love of where we live we shared highlights of our activities. Just getting together to have a good time and share some food with other active people in the community. We met nice people.

It wasn’t long before we imagined what a larger group might look like. People and groups getting together celebrating successes, rallying each other over challenges.

David Parkinson had been keeping tabs on our yapp-appy group and suggested that this kind of gathering might be called a Chamber of Commoners. From then on it was as if the Chamber of Commoners had always existed.

The Commons refers to resources that are collectively owned. Traditionally defined as trees, air, or grazing land. That no one owns but everybody enjoys.

Today, the commons can be understood within the cultural sphere as well. The commons within this sphere include literature, music, performing arts, visual arts, design, film, video, television, radio, community arts and sites of heritage. All of this paragraph is considered commons. It’s from Wikipedia.

Here’s the part I like and why I think the Chamber of Commoners is a great fit. The commons can also include the areas of human relationships. We all have a need for safety, trust, cooperation, expression and so on. An important aspect of human relationships is the sharing of information. Getting together. Strengthening our community. And I like it cause its just a party. No committees, agendas or debates. No charge!

The inaugural Chamber of Commoners get-together will be held from 7:00 to 10:00 PM on Wednesday, February 10, in the Rainbow Room of the Rodmay Hotel in Townsite.

See you there!


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