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Micro-regional update: Cranberry

[Editor’s note: I hope that this contribution from Tony Colton of the Cranberry Ratepayers will be the first of a series of posts bringing people up to date with what’s going on in Cranberry. If you want to report news from your corner of the Upper Sunshine Coast, please let me know.

And now, here’s Tony.]


Although the Cranberry Community Ratepayer Association are not meeting for the summer, we’re still working on some of the things that matter to us.

Our Vice-President Ron Miller has been doing a fine job spearheading a solution to the “Problem of the Lily Cutter”.  Long story short… ah, there is no short story.

When Haslam Lake become the primary water source for Powell River (except Wildwood, which gets its water from Powell Lake), the flow into Cranberry Lake was cut off, the lake levels dropped, and consequently lilies — both foreign and and domestic — began to thrive. The lilies cannot live in water much deeper than eleven feet.  Some summers the lake is almost three-quarters covered in lilies.  A beautiful sight to some; to others, not.

Historically, the lake was the swimming hole for the whole town.  There are great pictures of swim meets taking place in a large floating corral. There’s one at the Rec Complex; check it out. The museum also has some great old stuff from Cranberry, the first place in BC to have a telephone, the home of Powell River’s first Volunteer Fire Dept., its first  garbage pick-up… the list goes on.

Essentially the lake is a 100 acre park within city limits — a pearl within a pearl.  The city wants to unload a broken lily-cutter (imagine a motorized pedal boat, but with some kind of mechanized mulcher on the front), so they can move the $25,000 Lily Cutter Replacement and Maintenance Fund into more general coffers.  On numerous occasions the City has offered the lily-cutter to the Cranberry Community Ratepayer Association. (CCRA). The CCRA has declined, on the grounds that:

  • the CCRA has nowhere to store it;
  • it’s the City’s responsibility (there is $25000 in the budget);
  • it’s broken (the City cut holes in it to see if it needed repair);
  • it doesn’t stop the lilies — in fact, the lilies are rhizomes and shredding them only causes them to reproduce more.

I could go on, but this is the short version. This has been going on for years.

Here in Cranberry we’ve pretty much had to take the lily-cutter  It looks as though we have an offer to store it on someone’s property and we’re negotiating its repair.

Check out more CCRA action at the Powell River Peak, where you can see your neighbours pointing out how Cranberry St. is not a safe street and needs to be widened.

See you all in your garden!

Next week  – Arts and Gardens in Cranberry


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