A day in my life

By Tom Read

Here's Rumbottle Creek, flowing over a falls near our house. We don't need to hire thousand-dollar-a-day RAR consultants to tell us that there are trout in this creek. The best stewards of creeks are the people who live near them.

Here's Rumbottle Creek, flowing over a falls near our house. We don't need to hire thousand-dollar-a-day RAR consultants to tell us that there are trout in this creek. The best stewards of creeks are the people who live near them.

Here’s my version of Facebook:

Woke up at approximately 4:30 am to the crowing of rooster not far removed from bedroom window. Put head under pillow, while still allowing room to breathe, and went back to sleep, eventually.

Woken by crowing again at 6:00 am, followed by hen doing vigorous egg-laying cackle at 6:30 am. Gave up trying to go back to sleep.

Got up, got dressed, fed chickens, collected egg, collected chicken manure, greeted the dog, checked the battery output level and micro-hydro input level (we’re off-grid, remember), and fixed myself breakfast. Forgot to check water level and run well-pump.

While eating breakfast, logged onto computer, sent email regarding Texada Earth Day, checked incoming email (nothing urgent), read the headlines and a few articles in depth, including an essay titled “Peak Oil Advice From German Poets” by John Michael Greer. Made a few notes about the essay for further reference.

Reviewed “going to town” list with Linda, then drove to Van Anda. Made sure I had cell phone in my pocket and turned “on” in case Linda needed to reach me.

Picked up my new scythe-sharpening kit at the Post Office. I unthinkingly asked Postmaster John if I owed any postage on the small but rather heavy package, and he replied that, for now, unlike two borders south of here, it was not necessary to bribe the Postmaster to receive one’s mail.

Bought a tank of gas at our own “Corner Gas for Real” Centennial Station. Made small-talk with attendant Ian about real estate prices.

While at gas station, I put up a new notice on the community marquee: “Easter Egg Hunt Sun 11 am Apr 12 GB Fire Hall.” Not my usual thing, but our friend Elayne asked me to do it because she’s still off-island and the Easter Egg hunt could use the publicity. Happy to help.

Proceeded to Texada Food Market for groceries, but cell phone starts ringing en-route, causing adrenaline rush! Had to pull over to answer, lest endanger numerous pedestrians walking village roads.

Call is from Dave Murphy, our area’s representative to the Powell River Regional District. “Heads up on Riparian Areas Regulation (RAR) implementation – important meeting in Powell River next Tuesday!” We discuss how staff and consultants are trying, yet again, to force Development Permits on Texada Island and throughout the Regional District, and what we should do about it.

Got groceries at Texada Food Market, including re-ordering a case of canned diced tomatoes — second time around, since this item was “removed from the list” when I tried to get a case last month. Not the store’s fault; the supplier on far-off Vancouver Island is flakey sometimes. Added a few items to Linda’s grocery list, but forgot to bring in the pop cans for recycling (again!).

Drove home, thinking about the damn RAR thing. Got to tell Linda!

Linda and I discussed and agreed this RAR showdown next week is a serious concern, plan to attend the meeting in Powell River, and begin research and communication with other citizens whom we think will care about it, too. This takes several hours.

Realized I’m pushing deadline for an online journal entry, and thinking quickly, decide to fall back on blogger’s tried-and-true approach: what I did today.

As of this writing it’s now 5:15 pm, and time to check on chickens, maybe give ‘em a bit more to eat. Then feed Rocky the Dog, then eat dinner (left-over enchilada casserole, yeah!), then on to Gillies Bay to work with fellow-beekeeper Ted on a pollination-themed skit for Texada’s Earth Day celebration. Plus, talk about bees, of course.

Finally, home sometime tonight for more conversation with Linda and maybe we’ll watch a little video to unwind.

And that’s the way it is for Thursday, April 9, 2009.


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  1. 1 Margy April 12, 2009 at 12:36

    Thanks for the inspiration. Kent Griswold over at The Tiny House Blog has asked me to write something similar about a day in my life at the float cabin. I wasn’t sure anyone would want to read about it, but I enjoyed a look at a bit of your life – so maybe I’ll try, but I’ll have to substitute Canada Geese for the rooster. I don’t get any eggs, but on the other hand I don’t have to feed them either. – Margy

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