Welcome to the Slow Coast!

By David Parkinson

We owe you an explanation…

What is the Slow Coast blog?

It’s a new venue for information all about the region we’re in — BC’s Upper Sunshine Coast — and about the world in general. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a collective effort, only lacking the collective. Get involved!

Who runs it?

As of today (day one), it’s David Parkinson, although I hope that this changes soon. I’d like to see this become a hub for exchanging positive information about how we can grapple with the serious changes that are being forced upon us. I’d like to be collaborating with a free-wheeling gang of troublemakers and truth-tellers. Get in touch with me if you’d like to get involved. Look over our (nascent) editorial policy for more information about where I’d like to see this heading… but this policy will surely change over time as more people become involved.

What’s it for?

I think we need a place for conversation online: conversation about the events that we see going on around us, and the ways they connect to global events. Check out the (nascent) vision for this project and see what you think.


The founder of this blog has been frustrated for some time now that there are no dynamic online sources of local alternative information with a focus on resilience, relocalization, and adaptation to the ongoing economic and environmental situation we find ourselves in. And so he started one.

How can I get involved?

Take a look at the information on the page about you. Anything strike your fancy?


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